Organized in 1858 – Incorporated June 11, 1890, Shrewsbury, MA

The club was originally a German singing society and had a chorus of 25 voices.  Its full designation was, and is, "Gesang Verein Frohsinn," literally translated – "Singing Society of Good Fellowship." Gradually the singing activities diminished, but the emphasis on Good Fellowship has ever been constant. 

In its early history we find the directors developing the club into a cosmopolitan institution.  The club’s first quarters were located in the Walker Building on Main Street; later they were relocated to a building near the old Bay State Hotel.  Around 1894 then relocated to the George F. Hewitt building on Waldo Street; it finally moved to their Worcester quarters on Mechanic Street.

A summer home was established on the shores of Lake Quinsigammond around 1888; 1915 saw the relinquishing of the quarters in Worcester.  At this time, however, the lakeside building has become the site of this year-round club.The original lakeside building was sadly destroyed by fire on Wednesday, March 11, 1936.  Plans for construction of a new, modern, fireproof structure started immediately and the present clubhouse was ready for occupancy on July 29. Remarkably, this happened about four months after the fire.

When you visit us and review the history of this unique organization, you will find that the directors have ever been far sighted, discerning, and alert, never failing to provide their members with the promise of its name – GOOD FELLOWSHIP.